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Official OffTalk Board Rules

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Official OffTalk Board Rules Coolte10

Official OffTalk Bord Rules

General Rules

1. Register only ONE account. Do not log on to other peoples accounts, nor let someone log onto your account. If someone else in your family uses the same internet connection as you and wishes to become a member of OffTalk, please contact a moderator or staff member in advance (Before his or her account is made). The moderator will ask for some sort of proof that the person is different and using the same internet connection. Other wise, your account will be deleted for having 2 accounts under the same ip adress without verifycation from a staff member.

2. Advertising of any type is unacceptable. Advertising will only get you a temporary ban, of 1 week, but if it happens again, it becomes a permanant ban.

3.Flaming, trolling, offensive posting, flooding, spamming, etc. will not be tolerated and will result in infraction/ban.

4. Posting/Distributing inappropriate pictures (e.g. pornography, this includes images/animations that do not actually show body parts, but imply a strong sexual undertone), mass spamming, extreme language and flaming, or any other major disregard of the rules will result in an instant permanent-ban.

Do not post:

Posts that clearly advertise a service or product
Repeated web site advertisements
Scams, chain letters, and pyramid schemes
Posting links to games.
Posting one or few worded posts
Posting multiple messages in succession. (use the EDIT button to add to your post)
Off-topic posting
A post that contains no real words (exclusively random symbols, emoticons, 1337-speak, etc)
A post simply telling someone that their post is spam (it is spam itself)
A post telling someone their post is breaking the forum rules (report the post to the moderators instead)
Posts that contribute to a thread that needs to be locked/moved/considered spam. (spam itself)
Posting to ask a question that could be answered by a simple google search
Posting "+1 Post" "postcount +1" or similar.

We ask that you abide by these rules to make OffTalk a safe enviroment.

OffTalk Management

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